Scott Thurston

4th Dan

I first started Judo 1989 a month or so before my 5th birthday with Kanazawa Judo Club. My first Sensei was Patrick (Paddy) Swallow at the time a 4th Dan, now Kyoshi Patrick Swallow 7th Dan.

In the many years I have been doing judo I have been taught by many other Sensei, but have remained loyal to my first.

I have tried out several different martial arts on many occasions, these include Jujitsu, Kempo, Hapkido, Aikido, Iaido, Tai-chi, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Karate and a few more. I practiced karate for 5 years as a teenager and graded to 3rd kyu and I am graded in both Ishin Ryu Jujitsu (3rd Kyu) and Ibin Jujitsu (1st Kyu).

Despite trying many of the other martial arts I have always stuck with Judo, and I was fortunate enough to have trained under Kancho Alfred Bates for several years. I achieved my Shodan (1st Dan) in September 2001, Doshi (teaching award) in September 2004, Nidan (2nd Dan) in April 2005, Sandan (3rd Dan) in April 2009 and most recently my Yondan (4th Dan) in January 2014. I began assisting Sensei Paddy in teaching as soon as I achieved my Shodan and opened my first club in November 2004 at St Ivo Leisure centre, which has been a growing success ever since.

When I’m not teaching martial arts I am running ‘The Qualifications Centre’ which I co-founded in October 2010. I am able to teach most of the qualifications that we offer as a company. These include: Business Administration Cleaning Conflict Management Customer Service First Aid Food Safety Health and Safety Courses Fire Safety Horticulture Licensing Lifeguarding Security Sports & Leisure Warehousing, Logistics & Transport Teaching & Assessing